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Apr. 2nd, 2008

Today is going to be a wonderful day.

Day 3

It's a beautiful day. 
I did the whole workout :)

 Easter is amazing.
I love it. I always always cry and have the strongest emotions on this day.
This is the day Jesus rose.
I feel I need to watch The Passion of the Christ on this day.
I have never seen it. I've seen clips and just those move me.

Some people think Easter is about dying eggs and getting candy.
It's so much more.
I don't even know how Easter eggs because a tradition :)
Oh well. 

Mar. 22nd, 2008

I just got an iPod.
I never thought I would. I'm turning into a more spoiled person every minute. Last year I didn't have everything. Now I have a laptop, a cell phone and now an iPod.
I don't mind having these things, but...I wish I could be the person to say I didn't. 
I don't carry my phone around, and if I do, it's because my dad wants to get ahold of me. I have to pay for it, so I never call anybody. I wouldn't call anybody anyways.
My laptop is for school; I got it from my school, for school. I'm not supposed to do anything else on it. By anything...I mean ANYTHING. NOTHING. 
Ah well.
Broke that rule a few million times.
Annnnd, this iPod isn't actually mine.
So, I really only have a cell phone.

I was so worried I broke this music thing yesterday because it totally froze up and that A LOT of money that I don't have...

My bird is finally not traumatized anymore. She almost got eaten a few days ago and she was totally quiet and wouldn't move. Now she's just as annoying as usual :D She woke me up this morning. Wow, I should probably think of a name for her...I haven't done that yet, because no matter what I name her, I'll still call her Birdy. Or JerkFace when she's being....a jerkface :D

I can't wait for summer. And I wish my journals were a bit...deeper. :D But I write whatever I'm thinking, and I don't think deeply. Sometimes. But not just all the time. Only when I see something that moves me or that's just really interesting and needs to be thought about.

Well, bye.


Haha, I was so cold today :)
I was wearing so much stuff, people kept saying I looked like a very cute penguin :)
I love the cross-country team :D
My favorites.

Veggie Tales music is pretty much amazing.


I find myself looking at people who are totally unique and I try to be like them. I've just figured out I really shouldn't do that. I can not put my thoughts into words at this point in my life, so I'll finish that topic at a later time. Hmm. Maybe not.
I wish I could be that person that people look at and see someone DIFFERENT. I'm different than a lot of people, but I'm also the same. I want to be different from EVERYONE. Oh well. I'm going to be a very odd parent though, and my kids will be totally unique. I promise :)
But then, of course, they will want to be like everyone else...And that lame cycle will kick in. 
Ah well.

-I'm getting my leg checked out tomorrow :D
--My soul mate came back to visit me :) She's gone now, though..
Oooh! I cleaned my room today. And I also asked my brother for his blank journal I have been coveting for quite a while now. It's been in my room and I had to hold myself back sooooo much to keep from writing in the lovely blank pages. But now I don't have to! Woooo.

I miss warmth. I miss when I'm free to do what I want. I miss camping. I met this guy yesterday; that was pretty fun. I love meeting new people :D

Ohh! And when I was cleaning my room, I found my bassoon butt strap. But I didn't find my chapstick :(
Ah well, there's always tomorrow. 

I've been called silly quite a few times today.

[Right right right now]

 Well, I can definitely say I'm glad to have found LiveJournal. I was hesitant to make an account because I know how addicted I get to anything. Internet takes up all my free time. I've tried so hard to change that. I think that next year, when I'm not going to school on the lame internet, I'll be much much more satisfied. 

I feel like I'm wasting my life being on here talking to people who might not even be real. Well, right now, I'm not very real. I'm pretty much just a pixel person. :)

I'm tired of my school right now. I hate being at home all the time. I don't mind it when my mom's home, but she works, so that doesn't happen very often. I miss my mommy being a mommy. 

I'm so excited for the future. I focus on it quite a lot. Probably too much. I'm missing my life now, as it goes on.  Yes, this is what I need to do. I will look forward to then, while enjoying now.

Wellllllll, I have to go eat so I have some energy for all that running I'm going to do for track :)

Running is amazing. I'm kind of hurt right now, so I can't do it as much as I would like without getting completely frustrated or mad at myself. I feel so week when I can't run more than a mile. I try and push myself but I just can't keep going. Sometimes I fear my leg is going to break if I keep going and that scares me enough to make me stop. 

I'm not sure what it is that's bothering me. All I know is it feels better when I don't run for a few days and it's on my shin. I do not think it's shin splints because I got that at the end of last year's cross country season, and it doesn't feel the same at all. It's kind of in the same place, but I think it's a fracture or something. Gah.

oh how i love this

Five Rules for Happiness

1. Free your heart from hatred

2. Free your mind from worries

3. Live simply

4. Give more

5. Expect less

I guess you’ve heard the expression “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” Many people think happiness lies somewhere else. If they can just afford that trip, buy that brand new car, move into that big house in a nicer neighbourhood or update their whole wardrobe, they will get it. Of course materialistic things can bring us happiness, but a feeling based on outer things is not the lasting kind. Rather than believing your mood depends on something uncertain, stay happy in this moment. When you choose happiness each and every day, no matter what life throws at you, you will feel at ease and enjoy life more.

The next time it’s pouring, you loose your temper and complain about the bad weather, remember this quote by John Ruskin - “Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”

So stay happy when you’re home, when you travel. Approach locals and smile to strangers you meet on the road. People will smile back at you. 

What a great day this is for living.

Mar. 14th, 2008

Let's all sing!
For it's a happy day!
Good things are going on everywhere. New lives are entering the world
and people are going to better places all the time :D


 I'm working on getting smarter.
Learning about Socialism, Marxism, and Capitalism today.
I'm reading the constitution also.
Very fascinating.